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2021 Packaging Trends

2021 Packaging Trends  That Are Sustainable & Environmentally Friendly  Sustainability and environmentally friendly packaging has been the biggest packaging trend of 2021 (by far!), and we truly hope it stays this way! Every day, we see more and more focusing on solutions to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Packaging initiatives are [...]

4- Color Process vs. PMS Coloring – What is the difference?

4- Color Process vs. PMS Coloring – What is the difference? Some of the most common questions when creating packaging is about the printing and artwork design. What artwork are you looking to get printed? How many colors is the artwork? How intricate is the design? Will there be multiple versions? These [...]

Foil Stamping 101: The Basics

What is Foil Stamping? A great way to take your packaging to the next level and give it that luxurious feel is to add embellishments. One of the most popular embellishments you can add to your packaging is foil stamping. Foil stamping is an application method that uses heat and [...]

Mullen vs. ECT

Corrugated packaging has had a profound impact on the world and the way we do business. Countless industries and business models would not be possible without access to this effective, yet inexpensive, type of packaging. Corrugated boxes do a great job at protecting an item through the shipping and handling process. [...]

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