Custom Packaging Solutions

Custom packaging refers to any packaging that is designed for a specific project, company, or product.

One common misconception is that custom packaging is more expensive than stock packaging, or that it requires large MOQ’s. This is simply not true when considering all of the factors that affect your bottom line.

Sure, stock packaging typically has a low unit price, but there are many hidden factors that come into the decision making process. At PAX Solutions, we understand the TRUE cost of packaging and can help you navigate your options between stock and custom packaging. Additional factors to consider:

  • Assembly and handling labor

  • Shipping costs and damages
  • Warehousing space
  • Product differentation

  • Environmental impact

  • Perceived value / unboxing experience
  • Brand awareness
  • Packaging equipment & automation efficiencies

PAX Solutions believes that your packaging should create marketing value, operational efficiency, and a defining customer experience.

We are an innovative company with an extensive network of global partners that can help you find the right solution for all of your packaging needs.

Custom Packaging Solutions

Custom Packaging Options