Custom Packaging Overview

Hinged Binder Book Box with Foam Insert

Custom Packaging Solutions

Custom packaging refers to any packaging that is designed for a specific project, company, or product. One common misconception is that custom packaging is more expensive than stock packaging, or that it requires large minimum order quantities. This is simply not true.

Stock packaging typically has a low unit price, but there are many hidden factors that come into the decision making process. At PAX Solutions, we understand the TRUE cost of packaging and can help you navigate your options between stock and custom packaging. Additional factors to consider:

  • Assembly and handling labor

  • Shipping costs and damages

  • Warehousing space

  • Product differentiation

  • Environmental impact

  • Perceived value / unboxing experience

  • Brand awareness

  • Packaging equipment and automation efficiencies

CenturyLink Corrugated Box from PAX Solutions

Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated shipping boxes are made from combining several layers of paper. The strength of the corrugated depends on the weight/thickness of papers being used. Corrugated packaging is extremely versatile and one of the most economical ways to protect products during transit.

Digitally Printed Folding Cartons

Folding Cartons

Folding cartons allow brands to fully customize the style and design of their packaging. With nearly unlimited possibilities, folding cartons are perfect for product display and presentation because of high print quality and options to add numerous printing embellishments.

Hinged Rigid Setup Box_1

Rigid Setup Boxes

Rigid setup boxes are often considered one of the most premium forms of packaging available. High quality print plus great protection and durability make rigid boxes a perfect fit for high-end electronics, cosmetics, confections, and other consumer products.

Custom Labels

Custom Labels are an essential component of packaging, offering unique branding opportunities that enhance product visibility and brand recognition. Labels can also be utilized in operations to improve process efficiency or convey key safety information.

Flexible Packaging Solutions

Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging can be designed to include features like zip locks, spouts, and seals. There are many different films available depending on your packaging application.

Blue Crosslink Foam Insert

Foam Packaging

Foam packaging is ideal for protecting items during transit because it absorbs shock from impact. Different densities and strengths of foam are available depending on how much compression and protection is needed. The weight and fragility of the product should also be taken into consideration.

Thermoform Tray Packaging Option

Thermoform Packaging

Thermoform packaging is the process of heating a thermoplastic sheet and forming it over a mold so the material conforms to the shape of the mold. Once cooled, the sheet becomes rigid and locked into the molded position. There are many different material options depending on the project.

Hinged Binder Book Box with Foam Insert

Marketing Kits

Marketing kits are used to promote and showcase products or services a business offers. If designed properly, they can be a powerful tool for any company’s sales team to attract and educate prospects and existing customers.

POP Cosmetic Display

POP Displays

POP displays (Point-Of-Purchase) are typically used to promote merchandise in a retail or decision making environment. POP displays are a flexible marketing tools that can be designed for countertops, retail endcaps, and floor display.

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