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PAX Solutions is passionate about people, the planet, and (OF COURSE!) packaging. We consider continuous learning and education to be one of the core building blocks needed to create a successful, long-term business that can make a positive impact on the world. As part of this initiative, PAX Solutions has compiled a list of helpful resources for our network to reference. Click the packaging resource you want to be directed to below:

ECT vs. Mullen Conversion Chart


Pax Solutions provides both ECT and Mullen corrugated packaging. If you would like to learn more about the difference, visit our blog post on the topic. This is an often overlooked detail in the corrugated packaging design process, but we at PAX Solutions think our customers need to know about this! The conversion chart below shows the standard conversion between ECT and Mullen corrugated and the max suggested load per box.

*Maximum suggested load/box is an estimate. Several factors need to be considered when designing your optimal packaging solution. Please contact us today to get help with your next packaging project.


Paperboard Conversion Chart


Board thickness is an important factor when determining the optimal packaging for your product. A good rule of thumb: the higher the number, the more strength and rigidity the board can provide because the number represents the thickness (also called gauge) of the material. The challenge is not every country uses the same measurement when referring to board thickness (gauge). For example, the United States uses the Point System (pt), while China uses grams per square meter (gsm).

To help our customers understand the different paperboard conversions, PAX Solutions created a paperboard conversion chart which can be seen below. This chart lists the conversion measure between point, millimeters, and gsm.

Folding Carton Substrate Grade Chart


There are many different substrates you can use to create folding carton packaging. Each substrate has its own characteristics and attributes that make it unique. It is useful to understand the common folding carton material options available when making your decision.

Based on the specific needs for your project, there may be a substrate that matches your needs better than other options. For instance, if you were looking to make your packaging more environmentally friendly, Coated Recycled Board (CRB) may be a good option as it is made from 100% recycled fiber. Pax Solutions created the chart below which lists the different substrates and their individual characteristics. Contact us today to get help with your next folding carton project.

Cast vs. Blown Stretch Film: 7 Attributes to Consider

Choosing the best stretch film is dependent on your wrapping needs. Some factors that need to be considered before deciding which film is best suited for your situation include environmental conditions, storage and transportations processes, load retention, film memory, film yield, puncture resistance, cling, visual clarity, and unwind noise.  

Cast Stretch Film Blown Stretch Film
Clear, allows for easy scanning of barcodes and labels behind film, high gloss
Milky, translucent color, medium visibility, medium gloss
Quiet when unwrapping
Loud, squeaky caused by stickiness when releasing from roll
Horizontal strength only (allows for clearness), stretches easily, high tear resistance
Horizontal and vertical strength allows for superior puncture resistance, best for heavy, sharp, or irregular pallet loads
Single-sided or two-sided cling options, easier to unwind
Sticks to itself, high cling allows for increased load retention
High yield, increased stretch to wrap more pallets with less film
Medium yield, less stretch requires more film
Minimal shrinking back to original state after stretching
Less likely to shrink back to original state after stretching

Corrugated Board Styles and Fluting Options

corrugated board styles and fluting

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