Holiday Packaging

How to Plan for Magical Holiday Packaging

Looking for a way to stand out during the holiday shopping rush? Invest in custom holiday packaging! Feature your brand’s unique graphics or seasonal designs to catch the eye of customers, while also adding a touch of holiday cheer to their package. But don’t wait until the last minute – make sure to plan ahead and give enough time for design, production, and delivery. Trust us, this investment will pay off in customer satisfaction and brand recognition. So go ahead, deck those boxes with boughs of holly (or whatever holiday symbol you prefer) and watch those sales soar.

Below are some quick tips for planning your custom holiday packaging:

Start Planning Holiday Packaging Early

As the holidays approach, it can be easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle and let important dates slip by. That’s why it’s crucial to have a detailed plan in place for all your end-of-year sales and packaging needs. Create a holiday-specific calendar or communication channel where you can track key dates and start having packaging conversations early on. This way, you’ll have plenty of time to order stock and custom packaging or make reorders as needed. 

Be sure to involve your team in these plans – collaborating and brainstorming with others can lead to creative solutions and help keep everyone organized during the busy holiday season. Don’t let the logistics of the holidays surprise you – get organized and stay ahead of the game!

Talk with Your Suppliers About Production and Shipping Deadlines

Let’s face it – unforeseen events are bound to happen and can throw a wrench in production plans. But don’t let supplier deadlines sneak up on you! Custom packaging packaging can take 2-3 months to produce. Be proactive and stay one step ahead by talking to your packaging supplier about holiday timelines early on. That way, you’ll avoid the mad rush at the end of the year and have plenty of time to make sure your packaging is on point for all those holiday sales. With everything going on in the world right now, it’s more important than ever to plan ahead and give suppliers enough time to work their magic.

Prioritize Seasonal Products

The holidays can bring some packaging frenzy, with the temptation to spruce up all of your products in festive packaging. But before you get too caught up in the holiday spirit, it’s important to step back and consider the practicalities. Revamping packaging for every single product would be very time-consuming. Instead, try focusing on creating special holiday packaging for your bestselling, or seasonal items. Look at your top-performing seasonal products and customer shopping patterns to determine which ones are most likely to sell during the holiday season. Not only will this save time, but it’ll also add an element of exclusivity that customers will love. So go ahead and deck out those popular products in some gorgeous holiday details!

Work with Your Supplier to Streamline the Process

Trying to navigate the process of creating custom holiday packaging can feel like a daunting task but having a packaging partner like PAX Solutions to help manage the details is crucial to success. Your packaging partner will act as your extra set of eyes and ears during the manufacturing process, keeping you informed about any production issues or design advice. With a trusted packaging partner by your side, you can trust that your custom boxes will arrive exactly as envisioned. 

Holiday packaging is a great way to boost sales and show your customers that you care about their gifting experience. By following these tips, you can streamline the process and make sure your holiday packaging is aesthetic, functional, and on-time.


Don’t try to tackle it all alone – enlist the help of a trustworthy packaging partner, like PAX Solutions, for seamless holiday gifting (or any occasion)!