Five boxes with printed tape with the headline "Benefits of Custom Printed Tape" above

Create a Packaging Glow Up with Custom Printed Tape

In a world where consumers now often prefer the convenience of shopping online verses heading to a
physical location, many businesses are beginning to realize the benefits of custom printed tape. Printed
tape is completely customizable and offers an additional unique touch that makes a positive first
impression with their customers. Highlighted below are the primary advantages of using custom printed tape for your packaging.

Marketing & Branding

Almost all industries these days are extremely competitive, and most retail and industrial
businesses ship their products in very similar looking cardboard boxes. In order to make your
packaging stand out from the crowd, adding your company logo or an interesting graphic will
catch people’s eye and the more they see it the more they associate it with your brand or
product; take the classic Amazon Smile logo for instance.

You want to utilize every chance to get your brand name out to the public, and custom printed tape is an easy and effective way to
do that.  Custom printed tape is highly visible, customers will be able to see your design and know the
package is from your company right away. Neighbors walking by will see the package on their
doorstep, and even the people processing your packages during shipping and handling will also
see it pop up more and more. It may not seem like much, but every little bit helps get your
name out there and can lead to more potential business.

Custom tape applied to brown shipping box.

Security & Protection

Custom printed tape typically has logos, images, or slogans on it, allowing for increased visibility as to whether the package has been opened before delivery. This can actually decrease the likelihood that someone will tamper with
the package.

Instructional & Quality Control

Standard tape typically has one use, and that use is to secure a package. It
goes through the shipping and handling processes without much regard. 

When you print the tape, you have a lot of opportunity in terms of providing special instructions to the people
handling your packages, and your customers. You could leave handling instructions on the tape
like “Handle with Care”, “Fragile”, or “Perishable” for instance. This will hopefully grab the
attention of anyone handling the package, and in return, your package will most likely deliver to
your customers in better condition. You could also put instructions on how to properly open the
package, which side is the bottom of the item, or even let your customers know to visit your
website for additional information.

Four rolls of custom printed tape.

Cost Efficiency

When building a business through eCommerce, there may not be a large budget for custom packaging, but you still want to make your product stand out and build your brand awareness. A great way to do this is to seal your package with custom printed tape. It will be the first thing your customer sees when the package arrives on their doorstep, and the first thing
that will get your company’s name and logo out into the world through the shipping and handling processes.

Custom printed tape not only can be a great way to market your brand, but it also provides plenty of
functionality. To start working on your custom printed tape project, Contact PAX Solutions today.