Paper Packaging Options

Jeremy Miller - October 5, 2022

Explore the three most common types of paper packaging to add value & protection to your product and increase sustainability.

  • Corrugated boxes are 100% recyclable and biodegradable, affordable, and allow maximum protection.

  • Folding cartons allow for clean graphics and ship flat to save valuable warehouse space.

  • Rigid setup boxes add maximum value to your product with endless options for premium embellishments.


One of the most common questions we get asked when starting new projects are, “what are my options?” Today, we plan to go over the three most common types of paper packaging and explain what their purpose is in the world of paper packaging. I’m Jeremy Miller and you’re watching the Pax Packs It video series where we explain packaging to our customers and audience.

The reason that Pax Solutions loves paper packaging so much is because it is one of the most sustainable forms of packaging in the marketplace.

Corrugated is one of the most cost-effective and sustainable options in the marketplace. We chose these three samples to show you guys so you get a good understanding of the different options when it comes to your corrugated packaging. For example, this is a model white, one-side box. It has Kraft board on the inside. It shows just what the general color of white corrugated looks like.

Here we have a Kraft box. This has a one color print on the outside and it holds a pound of coffee, and this would be considered a die-cut pizza-box-style and is very common for shipping different types of goods that need a little bit extra protection. This final box is the same style as the coffee box, but this is actually a label, that means that we actually take a high-quality piece of litho paper, apply it to the corrugated.

Prior to die cutting, you’ll notice, compared to the other white box here, it has a much more glossy appearance. And we’re able to print really nice high-end graphics on this type of packaging. The inside was also labeled with just white paper. And then we have an insert that is also printed and applied with a litho label for the inside of the box.

Another common type of paper packaging is folding cartons. This is actually one of my personal favorites. You get high-end graphics, great affordability, they ship flat, and you can also automate the loading and assembly of folding cartons to take away from some of the labor required to fill your products. The folding carton material allows for high-quality print and many different varnish options.

Taking a closer look at some of these different samples we have here today. This is actually a cookie display that goes in a retail or gas station environment. It has a perforation so that once the cookies are loaded, shipped to their destination, the retailer will actually rip off the top and this folds into a display so customers can easily grab one cookie at a time.

This is another cool one that we did. It’s for a take out burger, holds a pound of fries, a hamburger, and what’s cool about this one is that because these are filled in the store, it actually has an auto-bottom. So all they have to do is open the box and the bottom is formed and then they put the product inside.

In addition to printing on these substrates, we can also print on Kraft board, this gives it a more natural feel. Lastly, I wanted to show you that we can put windows actually in these as well to reveal the product inside. This is printed with a metallic PMS to give it a little extra shine in the retail environment. 

One of the most premium options of paper packaging are rigid set up boxes. They come pre-assembled and all you do is open the lid and set your products inside. Apple has made these boxes very popular and we get many requests for people wanting to put their products and sales kits inside of rigid boxes. This is a standard two-piece construction. It has a matte foil stamp on the lid, which gives it kind of a cool, waxy feel. And then inside, it’s just the black exposed board. 

This is a three-piece telescoping box with a center reveal allowing you to see some of this really cool color coming through. As a close up here, you can see that it actually also has raised UV along the top and bottom. 

Lastly, this box is actually a rigid setup box that was turned into a marketing kit. It’s got a magnetic closure and special cutouts at the bottom of the box so that a salesperson could demo a product inside of the box in the sales environment. All of these items can be wrapped and printed with many different features, and there’s also cool things like soft-touch lamination or high-gloss lamination that can be added to these.

One of PAX Solutions greatest strengths is helping our customers choose the right type of packaging and helping you go through the process from conception to completion making sure that your project turns out great and your customers love it.