Unboxing Goodr

Kasey Miller - January 11, 2023

Goodr is a sunglass company that makes fun, affordable, and durable sunglasses. Here’s what we love about their unboxing:

  • Recyclable/Upcycle-able: All packaging components are fully recyclable including the corrugated shipper, rigid boxes, and literature included. The magnetic rigid boxes can be repurposed. And the microfiber pouches can be used for storage, protection, and cleaning.

  • Colorful: One thing Goodr loves is COLOR! This is apparent on their packaging both inside and out, as well as their loud, vibrant, sunglasses. They have made smart use of a bright one color direct print on the shipper, as well as litho labels for more detailed graphics inside the shipper and wrapped around the rigid boxes.

  • Durable: The corrugated shipper and rigid boxes provide excellent protection for the sunglasses inside requiring no need for added void fill.

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Hi guys, this is Kasey and you’re watching the PAX Packs It video series. Today we’re doing an unboxing of Goodr sunglasses.

Goodr sunglasses are durable, affordable, and look good on all face shapes. So my family is OBSESSED.

So, I have ordered some here and the first thing you’ll notice is this super cool shipping box it comes in. It’s printed on a model white board so that means it’s a white corrugated. It’s just a one color print, but they’ve used the white color of the board as part of their graphic, so super smart. 

You’ll notice throughout this whole unboxing experience that this company really likes to convey that they are a fun company with fun graphics, silly sayings, and a lot of bright colors. 

So let’s go ahead and open this up and see what’s inside. So, they’ve just used clear shipping tape across the top. Of course they have because this is already a fun, colorful box, so printed tapes and stuff like that wouldn’t be necessary in this case. 

Alright, so, we have a front tuck shipper here. That means it literally just tucks in the front, no dust flaps, no cherry locks. Um, dust flaps are not necessary here because for one, there’s already this little bit of overlap so that’s going to protect from any dirt or debris or dust that might get inside. Plus, the products inside are big, they’re not going to slip out, so we don’t need to worry about that. Because it tucks in the front rather than over the top the cherry locks are also not necessary. So, all we do is we tuck it in and put the tape over the top and it’s more than secure. 

I’m gonna go ahead and open this up and WOW that is bright! That is a litho label. So what they’ve done here is they have printed all their graphics on a sheet of paper and then it is then applied to the corrugated prior to cutting the corrugated. And in this case they have all these sunglasses, they have a flamingo border, and then a little message here. They introduce Carl the Flamingo, who is their mascot. And then it also mentions you are receiving this box because you ordered three or more sunglasses. 

Now, if you order one or two pairs it comes just in a bubble mailer, but in this case they can fit 3, 4, 5, or 6 glasses in here. They can lay them down to fit 3 across, two rows of that makes 6, here you have 5, and then with a couple you know movements or different configurations you can fit 4 as well. So, a really smart box that can be used for a variety of different needs. 

I’m also noticing they didn’t use void fill here and I think that really speaks to the durability of the product inside. I’m not kidding you when I tell you my family has ordered over 20 pairs of these and they’ve never come damaged, so, really durable product. Plus, they come in these little boxes here which we’ll talk about more and those are really going to protect the product as well. 

So, right on top we have our packing slip and this is just gonna give us an opportunity to reference, you know make sure we got what we ordered, and we have our order number here if we need to reference that at all. 

And then we have the goods. Pun, fully intended. So, we’ve got 5 right here and I’m gonna go ahead and pull out this one. So these are rigid boxes, which means it’s chip board wrapped in a label. Um, in this case they have a picture of the glasses and a barcode on each end, That is because you can also buy these glasses on retail shelves at sporting goods stores. So this is for the shelves so you can see what you’re getting and ring it up if you don’t order it by eCommerce like I did. 

The label for the glasses and the barcode is separate from the label that wrapped across here so it can be switched out, so really smart packaging there. The names of these, you guys, is so funny. We had these ones, I think they were called Hot Alien Summer, and they were like these bright neon green ones. Back 9 Blackout is kind of like their full black ones and then these ones are called Gardening with a Kraken, so let’s check these out. 

So this box you could repurpose this for a lot of things, like I said it’s really durable. You could store jewelry, or whatever in there. You could even use it in your luggage so they don’t get banged up. Um, they’ve got a magnetic closure here which is a nice little embellishment, and then we open and inside we’ve got another label. And then we have our glasses. And, look how fun this is. They come in this cute little microfiber pouch, It’s got their flamingo. It’s got Goodr on there. and this is multipurpose. Not only is it going to protect your item in your purse or your suitcase, or your car, or whatever but you can use it to clean your glasses as well. 

So let’s check these out. Oh my gosh, look at these. Gardening with a Kraken you guys. So fun. 

And then also inside are these use and care instructions, and again they’ve really trying to convey what a silly company they are. So for example the cleaning instructions, we’ve got bad, good, and Goodr. Bad tells us not to use any tissue, any paper products, sandpaper, or corrosive acid. Good, says to use, whoops, good says to use warm water and mild dish soap cleaning them with a cloth or the microfiber bag. And then Goodr, they say do use the tears of unicorns and the softest cherub feathers, be careful, cherubs bite. Good to know. 

I’m sure you noticed there was one box that was different from the others. Right here, this one is the National Parks Foundation series. So, specifically this one is the Joshua Tree National Park edition. And so we’ve got this cool desert vibe. I think Joshua Tree has like a rock, desert thing to it. I haven’t been, that one’s on my bucket list still. So we have a picture of the glasses again, We have the barcode again. 

We’re going to go ahead and open this up, and inside we have a litho label explaining how they support the National Parks Foundation and then inside look at this cute pouch it matches the whole desert vibe. I love that. Go ahead and open these up. And, oh, look at this, look at this, it’s got that beautiful amber color that matches the packaging and then on the edge here we’ve got some desert-y plants and flowers. I cannot wait to check these out. What do you think? 

Alright guys, this had been the unboxing of Goodr sunglasses. All of the components here are things PAX Solutions can provide for your brand. I can’t wait to wear all these fun glasses that I’ve ordered if my family doesn’t steal them first. Thanks for joining!