Custom Retail Packaging Supplies That Make Your Business Stand Out

Product packaging has dramatically evolved since its humble beginnings of simply shipping goods to market. The simple box or bag has lost its effectiveness as consumers have started to expect more, consciously or subconsciously.

Often times, companies and brands don’t understand how important retail packaging is to the customer’s experience. Retail packaging that puts the customers’ experience at the forefront leads to great sales growth potential. Wondering where to start? Continue reading below or contact us to speak with one of our experienced team members.

Functions of Retail Packaging Supplies

The functions of retails packaging supplies are continuously growing and changing. What started off as a way to ship goods from point A to point B, has become an integral part of a company’s or brand’s marketing strategy. Graphics, size, design, layout, stacking strength, and the unboxing experience have all become important factors to consider when thinking about retail packaging.

Packaging graphics and artwork have seen huge improvements over the last several years. Companies have been demanding ways to differentiate its products, and the packaging industry delivered – literally! New innovations in the packaging industry have improved the print quality on your packaging. There has also been a wide range of new print embellishments that have been invented to help companies create cool and unique retail packaging supplies.  

The design, layout, and overall structure of the retail packaging has also become increasingly important. Stacking strength, shop-ability, size, and the unboxing experience are all just as important as attention grabbing graphics. Everything should come together as one cohesive retail packaging message.

In some cases, there are also legal reason for packaging to look a certain way. For example, food and drug packaging is regulated by the FDA. Certain information and tamper proof features must be included for some products.

As retail packaging has evolved for more functionality, it has become an important component for product planning and marketing. Packaging is now part of the buying experience to the customer. Often times, the customer is not even aware how the retail packaging affects their buying habits. Be smart about how you design your next marketing plan.

To get more information on specific types of custom retail packaging supplies, check out our custom packaging overview page.  From there, you can review different types of packaging and learn how to go about creating these for your products.

Make a Lasting First Impression

Have you ever bought a product because of its packaging alone? Or maybe the packaging provided that extra push to get you the buy something? I wonder how many times each of us have fallen for convincing packaging or persuasive marketing tactics. That said, nothing beats a good first impression!

Our subconscious mind processes data and information that we don’t even realize. Studies show human brains respond to packaging cues without the person knowing. I’m sure you can recall a time where you bought something and didn’t even feel like you were in control of your actions. 

Retail gift packaging supplies have been utilized over the years to help customers make decisions when purchasing gifts for friends and loved ones. A package that gives the shopper the feeling of the holidays, or something luxurious, can help persuade the customer to purchase your gift over other options.

This doesn’t mean an effective package always needs to look high-end. When shoppers pass by, the first thing the brain registers is sight. Choices of color and design can turn retail package supplies into selling features. Your product is fighting with similar products on store shelves. The way your logo integrates with the package can make all the difference. Also, the imagery used in promoting the product is important and should be considered carefully.

What happens when someone takes your product off the shelf? What do they experience with their other senses? Does everything fit well and does the packaging convey the feeling of quality? Touch and feel are also very important when thinking about retail packaging supplies.

Thinking about these different retail packaging functions will help your company come up with winning retail packaging supplies.

Other Marketing Opportunities

In addition to attention grabbing features and creative first impressions, retail packaging supplies offer other marketing opportunities for companies and brands.

For example, in the last few years, the packaging industry has seen a resurgence of simple, bold designs. It’s more common now to see packaging with very few words and pictures. The idea is to keep the message to the consumer very straight forward while creating strong brand identity.

Retail packaging supplies are also getting more personal. With new digital printing capabilities and variable data, brands are able to appeal to consumers’ personal interests and identity.

Another important factor in packaging, and something that PAX Solutions especially cares about, is the environmental impact that packaging has on our planet. Single use plastics, flexible packaging, Styrofoam, non-compostable materials, and many other packaging items are having a negative effect on our oceans, air, and land. Changes to our weather, ecosystem, geography, and planet are becoming increasingly obvious. Smart, forward-thinking companies are creating innovative solutions to help deal with this problem. How can your packaging have a positive impact on our environment? Is there anything you can do to make it more Green? If so, make the change! Also, don’t forget to market this on your packaging so your customers are aware of the effort your company or brand is putting into our planet.

It is becoming more common that packaging reflects a company’s philosophy. What does your brand stand for? Why should anyone care? In the past, this was hard to define for many companies. However, it is now the most important part of many influential brands around the world. Everyone knows that Toms Shoes donates a pair to a third world country in need when you purchase a pair from them. Burt’s Bees is supporting the Bee population. Patagonia is trying to save our home planet. What does your retail packaging represent?